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CashBack is a useful screensaver for Windows NT 4.0. Windows 2000 is also supported, but only with Matrox video adapters. Although Windows 2000 is able to switch off your monitor it is very limited in doing so, so it makes sense to use CashBack on that version too.

The program is created to allow modern (DPMS) video monitors to enter a low-power state some time after the system is not used anymore. Windows 95 and 98 (and Windows 2000) have the ability to do this, but Windows NT 4.0 lacks this feature. This screensaver will turn the monitor off when it kicks in, and any keyboard or mouse activity will bring it back to life.

The requirements for this to work are (of course) Windows NT 4.0 (Intel or Alpha), and a VESA compliant video card and monitor (most modern cards will do). If the monitor and/or card are not compliant the program simply won't run.

After installation the program will run for 30 days, after that time registration is required. See
license information about this. The price is only $15. Registrations for version V1.0 and V1.1 are also valid for V2.0.

Registration can be done from the 'About' page, accessible from the standard screensaver dialog box. For starters, go to the Control Panel, select 'Screen Saver', use 'CashBack' as it's name and click 'Settings'. Or you can register On-Line, follow this link to do that.

This is the third release of the program, and major new functionality has been added. The following features are new:

  • Multiple monitors are now supported, provided that the adapters are from Matrox. A future version will lift this restriction.
  • At the start of CashBack another screensaver may run first for a specified time. After that CashBack will kick in and switch the monitor to a power saving state.
  • Adapters generating errors may still function correctly, now there's a setting to suppress these errors.
  • CashBack may announce itself at startup with a dialog box and/or a sound.

For some screenshots click here.

This program is distributed as Shareware. It may be freely copied in its initial form, as long as it's not modified.

Download version V2.0:

Intel (1202Kb) here, or Alpha  (2098Kb) here.

The name CashBack comes from the fact that it will save you a lot of Cash on your energy bill. This thing will pay for itself.

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